Founder and Managing Director

About Qualiffect

We launched Qualiffect to contribute to the development of the Financial Services sector which we believe is a key driver for improving the standard of living now and in the future. Our top priority is to deliver recruitment solutions which match companies with best talents thereby enhancing performance, making a positive impact on the industry, which in turn will have a positive impact on society and the environment.

We never:

  • send irrelevant CVs to our clients;
  • push candidates to apply for jobs which don’t meet their expectations.

We focus on:

  • understanding the specifics of each role we seek to fill;
  • building long-term and transparent relationships;
  • bringing added value to both employers and professionals.

Qualiffect is more than a high-standard recruitment solution. We have created a culture of continuous and extensive understanding of the markets we focus on, and engagement with the business needs of our clients, fostering full confidence in our expertise.

Why Quallifect?

100% dedication

Only targeted CVs. Only matching jobs. You are guaranteed 100% focus on the quality of each placement.

Exclusive network

Over 10 000 yet undiscovered profiles and more than 1000 unpublished jobs in the Financial Services sector.


Employers: 50% discount on fees for the 1st placement + 15 weeks rebate period. Candidates: free CV and cover letter tips + strategic career advice by industry experts.


You contribute to the development of your sector as we donate 10% of our recruitment service fees from every placement to business schools and universities across the UK and EU.

Corporate Social Responsibility

By working with Qualiffect you empower the progress of the Financial Services space. We donate 10% of our commission from each placement to universities, colleges, business schools, and other educational institutions in the UK and EU.

Moreover, we are currently working on establishing connections with a number of schools in developing countries around the globe. This will ensure better opportunities and career prospects for youngsters in those areas.


We don’t try to make a placement, by all means, chasing high revenues in a short-term.

Instead, we focus on finding a perfect match for each role we fill as well as establishing strategic partnerships, delivering great customer experience, and empowering the development of the Financial Services space in a long-term.

We specialise in making placements in countries such as the UK, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Nevertheless, we also have both clients and talents all across the world. Contact us to get more detailed information.

We focus on making placements within Banking, Asset Management, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and FinTech spaces.

However, we also cover some other markets within this area. Feel free to reach out to find out more.

Qualiffect is a UK-based recruitment agency registered with the Companies House and HMRC.

We are also registered with ICO to ensure the Data Protection of everyone who shares their sensitive information with us.

As a company, you are guaranteed a 50% discount on fees for your 1st placement with Qualiffect as well as 15 weeks refund period for all hirings. This is how you can explore qualitative recruitment services at twice lower costs than the industry average.

As a talent, you receive completely free recruitment assistance in finding your ideal job. It includes detailed feedback on your CV and cover letter as well as job search and interview tips so you can get the most out of your career.

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