Data Privacy

1. Introduction

Qualiffect Limited (“Qualiffect”, “we”, “us” or “our”) attempts to protect the privacy of its candidates, clients and users of its website. It is guaranteed that the information we collect and process is only used for the purposes that are stated in this policy.  

We fully comply with the legal requirements, thus, we keep the data for different periods of time depending on the nature of the data we collect and process. Nevertheless, we do not store your data for longer than it is required by law.  In addition, we do not collect data that we don’t need. Please note that Qualiffect only communicates relevant information to you and we will not send you spam or sell your data to 3rd parties.

This policy explains how Qualiffect implements the Data Protection Laws which is supervised by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

2. Which information we collect?

Qualiffect collects your personal details which may include, but are not limited to the information from your Curriculum Vitae (“CV”). In some cases, these personal details will also include sensitive personal information which is needed for us to deliver recruitment consulting services. Sending to us your personal details and CV electronically could be done directly on as well us via e-mail addresses associated with the company or through a third-party job board.

Please note that we may collect some further personal information about you while continuing your engagement in our business processes.  We may collect this personal information from you directly or from third parties, to whom we have forwarded your CV and who have made an engagement with you during a job application.

3. How do we use your personal data?

We collect and process your personal information, for our legitimate business purposes including: 

  • delivering our services to you; 
  • establishing and maintaining our business relationship with you as a candidate, a client or a user of our website;
  • enabling you to submit your CV on our website or via the email associated with our company;
  • applying for specific jobs or subscribing to our job alerts;
  • identifying a job that is most applicable to you;
  • matching your details with job vacancies we fill;
  • sharing your personal data (including sensitive personal information) to our clients as a part of a job application process;
  • keeping your personal details and updating you on new career opportunities which may differ to the specific job for which you have contacted us;
  • offering new products and services;
  • informing you on the industry news, trends, insights, events, campaigns, reports and other relevant information; 
  • answering your enquiries;
  • fulfilling contractual obligations with our clients;
  • delivering further services to you by sharing your personal information reputable and trusted third parties;
  • providing your personal information to regulatory or law enforcement bodies, if there is requirement or permission to do so.

3. How is your personal information shared?

  • With clients:

Qualiffect shares your personal information with its clients (organisations which use Qualiffect’s services) who recruit for job roles in which candidates are interested.

  •  With third parties:

Qualiffect releases your personal information (including your sensitive personal information, if necessary) to trusted and reputable third parties in cases they provide services that candidates or clients have requested. These services provided by third parties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • checking of criminal reference;
  • employment reference checking;
  • checking qualification;
  • skills tests or psychometric evaluations. 

In addition, we release your personal information to third parties who provide services to us and to whom we delegate to perform some functions on our behalf. These third parties are listed below, but are not limited to the following:

  • function co-ordinators;
  • professional advisors;
  • IT professionals (for testing and developing our IT systems);
  • mailing and research houses; 
  • data analytics providers.
  • With Regulatory and Law Enforcement bodies:

If requested and necessary, and if permitted under GDPR and other laws, Qualiffect may share required personal information to regulatory or law enforcement bodies. 

  • With new business owners:

In case Qualiffect merges or is acquired by another organisation or entity, your personal data will be shared with the new business owners or their representatives. Please note that you will be notified accordingly if this event will take place in the future.

4. How long do we keep your data?

The period of time in which Qualiffect keeps and processes your personal information may vary depending on the services we provide to you as well as the length of time you require us to continue delivering these services. Our top priority is to maintain long-term partnerships with our stakeholders throughout their careers and business activities. Therefore, we tend to keep and continuously update your personal data that we store and process in order to provide you with the best possible recruitment consulting services. Please, be aware that Qualiffect regularly reviews and updates its databases to ensure the personal data is accurate, secured and is not kept for too long.

5. What are your rights on your personal information that we keep?

  • Right of access:

You can always require us to share with you a copy of your personal information that we store. Nevertheless, Qualiffect can refuse your request, or its certain elements, if there is a solid reason behind that decision, or if it is not permitted by the GDPR policies. In that case, you will be provided with explanations on why your request is refused.

  • Right of correction or completion: 

You can always ask us to complete, update or correct your personal information that we keep. Please, contact us if you believe the information is incomplete, out of date or not accurate. 

  • Right of erasure: 

In some cases, you can require to remove your personal information from our databases, if this is no longer needed for the purposes it was collected for or processed and complies with the all legal requirements set by the Regulatory and Law Enforcement bodies.

  • Right to object to or restrict processing:

In some cases, you can make a request to object to the way we process your personal data, for instance, if the data is processed to meet our legitimate interests and there are no legal requirements set by the Regulatory and Law Enforcement bodies that override your rights. You can also object to use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. 

Furthermore, you have the right to restrict us from using your personal data if you have challenged the accuracy of the information and during the period of time, we take to verify its accuracy.

  • Right of Data Portability: 

In some cases, you can make a request to receive any of your personal information that we keep in a clear, structured, and machine-readable format. This information can be transmitted directly to you or to a third party. The right is applicable only towards your personal information that was previously shared by you with Qualiffect and automatically processed by the company. Please note that we may not be able to ensure technical compatibility with a third party organisation’s systems. 

If you have any further questions in regard to any of these rights or you want to withdraw your consent to process your personal information, please, do get in touch at any time. Please note that we will ask you to provide us with evidence of your identity in order to act on your request.

6. Cookies

Qualiffect places cookies on your computer or other devices. If you have any questions on how we use cookies, please, go to the Cookies section on your website.

7. Complaints and inquiries

If you want to make a complaint on how we use your personal information or get clarification on our Data Privacy policy, please, contact us as we are always happy to assist you in these matters. Alternatively, feel free to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office representatives.

8. Links to the other websites

You may be redirected to a third party website by making certain clicks and pressing on certain links on Qualiffect’s website. Please note that third party websites may apply different data privacy practices. Qualiffect does not take responsibility for and has no control over data that is collected and processed by those websites. If you have any further inquiries on how your personal data is treated on the third parties’ websites, please, address those by consulting their privacy policies.

9. Changes to this Data Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy can be updated by Qualiffect from time to time. We will make sure that there is always the most recent version of it posted in the Data Privacy section on our website. If any material changes are made, we will notify you via the email you provided to us.

10. Contact

If you want to clarify how we use your personal information or make a complaint, please, contact us as we are always happy to assist you with these matters. You can find our contact details below:

Qualiffect Ltd. 

Office address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

Phone: +44 7597794253